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Avatar teh0mega *
07-11-10 02:53
selfcentered guy
Sorry to hear that dude :(
Avatar ire
07-11-10 10:53
The Rage Feeds Me
Pah don't be. I called it a week ago. When it comes to women, if it's too good to be true, it always is - rule of thumb #1.
Avatar camabar
07-12-10 11:39
If you say so.
If you called it why did you spend so much money on the date? Just wondering...

Or are you dating two girls? But that wouldn't make sense since you spoke about only wanting monogamy...
Avatar ire
07-12-10 14:32
The Rage Feeds Me
Considering the amount of criticism, I genuinely wish I had left the dollar figure out of the post entirely - because my only way of answering that question is with more dollar figures, and that is essentially throwing fuel into the fire.

I guess I'm not really certain how to answer that!
Avatar ire
07-12-10 15:16
The Rage Feeds Me
Hrm.. to answer your question, though.. because everyone deserves a chance, and something special every now and then. No?
Avatar chelsitisss
07-12-10 22:48
I like that answer. And I bet she'll remember it as one of her best dates.
Avatar peena
07-13-10 02:05
This doesn't make any sense. I thought the date went well!
Avatar camabar
07-13-10 14:00
If you say so.
That makes sense. I mean, you did like the girl, so why not be super nice to her, even if it didn't work out...
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