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Avatar camabar
07-13-10 18:47
If you say so.
I'm glad both parties handled the situation well. That's how it seems based on this post. I mean of course there were difficult moments and emotions involved, but that taken into consideration, I think this turned out well.
Avatar ire
07-13-10 19:50
The Rage Feeds Me
<3 Cama.
Avatar teh0mega *
07-13-10 20:22
selfcentered guy
Good to hear man. People tend to be more critical/aggressive (i guess? ) over the internet just because it's just more of a cynical kind of place. As long as everyone knows you're a cool dude, and we do, then everyone gets that sometimes people are just cranky/sleep deprived/coming off of caffeine, etc.
Avatar max *
07-13-10 23:26
cyber desperado
But serious dude you got me all hot on the idea of a killingmachines.org relaunch. We're doing it.
Avatar chucho *
07-14-10 01:03
Breathe deep
I'm not accepting your apology until you take me out on a 600$ date.

And would you guys need help with KM 2.0?
Avatar fraz
07-14-10 06:18
I just got a hardcore geek boner at the thought of kmorg coming back to life.
Avatar ire
07-14-10 06:18
The Rage Feeds Me
That date better end in bromance.
Avatar bridget
07-15-10 18:34
Just... Live
It sounds like a movie teaser or something. Before elowel... there was kmorg. Now, three developers will begin the quest to bring it back from the grave. None of them were expecting what they would find along the way...

ZOMBIE KMORG. Or bromance.
Avatar chucho *
07-15-10 20:10
Breathe deep
I want your love and I want your revenge
You and me[sic] could write a bad romance
Avatar chucho *
07-15-10 22:06
Breathe deep
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